The primary role of our club and its members is to patrol the beaches and maintain a safe environment for the public.

In order for clubs to carry out this important role, Waikuku Beach SLSC rosters its qualified volunteers into patrol teams grouped around their surf lifesaving experience, skills and knowledge. These teams are rostered for a number of patrols during the season. Each patrol team has a designated Patrol Team Captain who is responsible for the management of the team whilst on patrol.

Surf lifesavers must be competent swimmers and skilled in rescue techniques, resuscitation and first aid.

Lifeguards are identified by the distinctive DHL sponsored ‘Surf Lifeguard uniform’ of yellow long sleeve t shirt and red shorts.

Becoming a surf lifesaver is satisfying, fun and rewarding. You can lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, become trained in aquatic safety skills, make new mates, compete in surf sports, and give something back to your local community. You may also help save someone’s life one day.