Week 1 Updates

Post date: Oct 20, 2016 8:45:59 AM

Introduction to Coaching Course – Sunday 6th November

If you are keen to coach, assist or parent help this season and would like to participate in this coaching course please contact Tiff. We have 9 names already which is fantastic, but have room for more. Once I have confirmed numbers you will receive further information regarding the course which will run approximately from 9am – 3pm.

200m swim badge

If you are a Red or Orange Cap, you must have your 200m swim badge in order to use the larger boards in the water. The club has booked 2 lanes at Dudley Pool, Rangiora on Friday 28th October and Friday 4th November from 6.00-7.00pm and Peter Stevenson will be running the testing. If you miss this opportunity then it is your responsibility to get tested in your own time, many of the lifeguards are happy to do this for you, however the club must receive proof that you achieved your 200m and treading water in a signed note with your name and time. Until the club receives confirmation of your 200m achievement you will have restricted water access until you achieve the badge. Yellow and Blue Caps who wish to be approved to use the larger boards (not boogie boards) must also complete their 200m swim badge, bearing in mind that it is not compulsory for these age groups to do their 200m. Nippers must swim their 200m in 8 minutes, including 1 minute treading water. If you have any questions please ask your coach, Ngaire Baker or Peter Stevenson.

Achievement Certificate

From the age of 7 years children can join their local Surf Life Saving Club to participate in Junior Surf. We encourage children to have fun and develop their skills, so they can enjoy the beach and one day might be able to save someone else too. It's about developing tomorrow's lifeguards and opening up a whole new world to children. There are seven achievement levels within the Junior Surf programme providing a managed pathway for children to gain confidence in the surf. Go to http://www.slsnz.org.nz/education/member-education/junior-surf-education/2015-junior-surf-programme/.

Membership, Registration, Fees – Please go to the club website to view the criteria: http://www.wbslsc.com/how-to-join

Cap Roster

The Clubrooms are for you all to use and we appreciate them being left clean and tidy after each use. This season the club has introduced a roster each week with a different cap colour allocated. The parents of the children in the cap colour will be asked to run the BBQ and make sure the upstairs area and toilets are left clean and tidy for the next users. It is expected that whoever uses the facilities cleans up after themselves “if you use it, clean it!” If you have any questions regarding this please don’t hesitate to ask. Notices will be put around the clubrooms as a reminder.

Yellow Safety Vests

Yellow is the colour of the new safety vests, and are the vests that a competitor must wear if participating in any competition. These vests are compulsory for any nipper going in the water. They are available from the shop for $15.00. If a member has one of the old Orange vests, you can still wear these at our club sessions on Saturday mornings only.

Rookies (13 years +)

Remember your Saturday session begins at 8.30am. Please sign in on the attendance register and report to Tom or Aimee by 8.30am.

Hope this all sounds OK, don’t want it to be an information overload for members.....

cheers, Tiff